Tutors will work in couples. Their rotation will avoid that one tutor will lead the workshop from the beginning to the end. Each tutor will teach for two days. If on the first day the tutor will get to know the projects of the students and help the other tutor (alredy on his 2nd day), on the second day he will actually lead the school.
If a tutor would like to stay till the end of the school, therefore participating as an active member to final jury, he’s asked to be a spectator and do not interfere with the decisions of the ruling tutors in the days when he’s not supposed to be active. Tutors are not external critics but the real leaders of the school. They are invited to take all the decisions which are in their opinion crucial for the sake of the students’ projects.
Tutors are asked, on the morning of their second day, to publicly state their own direction to the school. Tutors are asked to give a lecture of about 45 minutes on their first day.